Sunday, June 26, 2011

20k Gold in 7 days from Heirloom Enchants - How to Make Gold

Everyday someone purchases heirlooms, and most of the time, they want them enchanted too. Most of the weapon enchants are rare and people don't either have the materials, time or even the knowledge of them. This allows enchanters to make lots of profit when selling these. Often you have very little competition and with certain enchants you will be the only one selling them.

Don't forget to create eye-catching macros!
I have about 70 scrolls for sale 24/7, and almost half of them are heirloom enchants, rest are Cataclysm end game enchants and WOTLK end game enchants for level 60 and 70 PVPrs.

To make people buy my loom enchants faster, I've created a bunch of eye-catching macros that make people check their alts if their looms are enchanted. According to my calculations, the most I've made from scrolls is about 20k in 7 days. Some days I only get a few customers, some days so many they have to line up!

Don't forget to spice your advertising macros up with different symbols like {skull} and {star}, and convince people why they should be using the best enchants for their heirlooms. Give them some statistics. For example, let them know how much faster they will gain levels or pwn in PVP with the extra stats.

Just how valuable are the Heirloom Enchant Scrolls?
Most enchanters don't seem to understand the value of their scrolls. Seeing as their material costs are sometimes in the hundreds, they still keep listing their enchants for even less sometimes. It's often a good idea to buy these scrolls and relist them for even 2-3x higher prices. They will go! This affects other than heirloom enchants aswell.

If you want to be the only one selling certain enchants, try something else than the usual Crusader or Fiery Weapon. It's profitable, you get to choose your prices! c:

The prices you will see are from my personal experience. I've sold them for no less than the smaller price or not a copper higher than the higher price. Sometimes people are undercutting, but I just focus on other enchants or buy them out if it's profitable.

  • You can often purchase level 53+ greenies and blues from the auction house and make even 130g profit from each by disenchanting them and putting them into use. Bountiful Bags guild perk is highly recommended!
  •  If you have spare honor, you can also buy level 55 ish PVP blue items and disenchant them! They cost only about 50 honor.

    Weapon Scrolls

    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 400-800g. Materials are worth around 90g.

    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 350-600g. Materials are worth around 160g.

    Mighty Intellect
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 1000-2000g. Materials are worth around 350g. 

    2H weapon Agility
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 600g. Materials are worth around 180g. 

    Healing Power
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 500-1000g. Materials are worth around 200g.
    You may want to check Spellpower too!

    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 500-700g. Materials are worth around 80g.

    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 500-1000g. Materials are worth around 50g.
    Slow seller!

    Fiery Weapon
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 70-200g. Materials are worth around 15g.
    Fast seller!

    Icy Chill
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 1000-3000g. Materials are worth around 20g.
    No longer obtainable and no one seems to sell it. Very high priced scrolls! Mostly bankers are after this.

    Cloak scrolls

    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 900-2000g. Materials are worth around 20g.

    Armor scrolls

    Greater Stats
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 200-1000g. Materials are worth around 60g.

    Major Mana
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 100-300g. Materials are worth around 50g.

    Major Health
    How much gold can it make?
    Sells for 50-300g. Materials are worth less than 1g.

    Prices may be different on your realm. They also seem to change quite a bit, depending on how many others are selling them aswell.

    There are other enchants aswell, but I haven't found them to either sell fast enough or they haven't been as profitable.

    If engineers want to make some profit aswell, they should be creating different scopes! A scope may sell for a lot if you're the only one selling it, which you usually will be! Don't ignore the lowbies, get some low level scope schematics aswell!

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    Cold said...

    I love selling twink and BoA scrolls because you already mentioned, I am often the only one selling some scrolls.

    I also sell Enchant Shield Vitality since it is now BiS for twinks and would be BiS if they release a shield heirloom. The catch is not to craft them yourself and just snatch up all 10 or so that will go up cheap from someone powerleveling. I buy em for less than 10 gold and sell for 75+ easy.

    Kuja said...

    Yes, they better include heirloom shields fast! Another gold sink there c: Too bad most of the leg enchants don't work on upcoming heirloom pants if memory serves right. Have to start selling armor kits instead.

    Matthew Williams said...

    Sooo... any chance you'd show us one of your 'eye catching' macros to give us an idea of what you're saying? I'm figuring you're using the old adage 'sell the sizzle, not the steak' by doing something like:

    /2 Got that shiny new {star}Heirloom Weapon{star} but haven't enchanted it yet? Get the most from your investment! Enchant Weapon: Lifestealing and other Heirloom enchants in the AH now!


    Kuja said...

    @Matthew Williams

    Not quite! :) That kind of ad would take less than one minute to come up with! Example macros I've given should only be taken as an example. Modify them as you see fit, not use them as they are unless you're slacking c:

    If an ad has to be eye-catching, it needs more work than that, preferably 10-20 minutes thinking of the best word combinations, icon placements so they aren't too close to each others, spice it up with a bit of humor and come up with statistics to convince that they are crazy if they run around un-enchanted!

    It's also important to create 2, in some cases 3 macros that work together, but aren't spammy. In this case using only a few icons can be ignored. Aka gold seller style :)

    I'll update this post with the macros I've been using when I'm done selling loom enchants.

    Matthew said...

    Kuja, as the old saying goes, "You da bomb!"... lol

    Yea, the one I posted above literally just too a min to come up with cause I wrote it as I typed the post. I figured you'd be using ones that were better. That's why I was interested in seeing them cause it would help for me to get my mind in the right frame of mind. I learn best by reading about something, then seeing examples and then doing it on my own.

    Thanks again!

    Matthew said...


    Guess you decided not to post the follow-up edit or you got so busy with 4.2 that you forgot about it. Thanks anyway - it's a great post even without the barks that you used.

    BTW - for anyone that wants to use the Raid icons in their trade chat/barks like Kuja mentioned, these are the ones that are available:

    Hope you're all making lots of gold and having fun with 4.2, I know I am!

    Kuja said...

    I'm not ready to share those macros just yet :) There's still lots of gold to be made, but I guess I don't have to sell any more scrolls once the truegold is all sold out in the auction houses and the gold cap is finally reached ;)

    Nilliel of Outland EU said...

    I've always wondered, yes ad macros increase your sales, but what of the potential competitors they can draw? People who've never thought of this or who never had a clue this is a valid way of making some cash?

    Kuja said...


    That's a valid point, but I haven't noticed more ads from other people. Surely there has been a few more selling these enchants in the AH, but it might be just because of this post or similar on some other blog. :)

    But there's always a risk that someone will see your ad and think "That sounds like a good way to make gold! I'll give it a shot aswell"