Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Secret cloth farms with instant respawns! - WoW Gold Guide

For a while now cloth prices have been extremely high on most realms. For example, a stack of silk cloth can sell for even 50g these days when supply is low (which is almost always), and Frostweave easily 100g a stack.

There's also exceptions, such as Netherweave cloth which usually stays between 5-15g a stack. Netherweave should always be turned into something more useful, like bags to make even 4x more profit.

I find cloth farming the most fun in instances, but for the lower level cloths there are quite a few priceless instant respawn places outside the instances. Why I favor instances however is a high level player can pull the whole instance with one pull in most cases and then reset and repeat until the hourly cap is reached at which point it's a good idea to sell the loot and disenchant greenies and see if there's any other cloth that is valuable.

Inventory is full

If you are clearing low level instances, you will bump into "Inventory is full" message sooner than you'd like. There is a cure however! I recommend Loot Filter or any other similar addon that automatically removes worthless loot from your inventory so your bags won't be full all the time. You should add worthless items manually to the addon's blacklist, and make it automatically delete grey items. You can also configure it to delete only items worth a certain amount or less.

Everytime you run to a vendor to empty bags, you lose valuable time you could spend killing things instead.

Note that higher level grey loot may sell for many gold pieces, so if you are farming level 55 -> monsters, you'll lose a lot if you ignore grey weapons for example.

Here's the best farming locations from my experience. Phased means you may not be able to farm there if you have or haven't done the quests involved. I haven't quested much in the below zones so there may be more than one phased farm. I've only included places with close to instant respawn mobs!

Linen Cloth

Ragefire Chasm (Instance)
Riverpaw Bandits (Westfall)
Risen Hillsbrad Peasants and Farmers (Hillsbrad Foothills, Phased)

Wool Cloth

Stormwind Stockades (Instance)
Shadowfang Keep (Instance)
Risen Hillsbrad Peasants and Farmers (Hillsbrad Foothills, Phased)
Ebon Slavehunter (Wetlands)
Dragonmaw Whelpstealer (Wetlands)

Silk Cloth

Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral (Instance)
Gnomeregan (Instance)
Slitherblade naga (Desolace, near shore)

Mageweave Cloth

Stratholme (Instance)
Scholomance (Instance)
Zul'Farrak (Instance)


Blackrock Depths (Instance)
Blackrock Spire (Instance)
Hellfire Ramparts (Instance)

Protip: In soviet Ramparts the mobs come to you!

Netherweave Cloth

Blood Furnace (Instance)
Mana-Tombs (Instance)

It's often more wise to farm other cloths instead, and if you are in need of Netherweave, buy some with the gold you obtained from selling more expensive cloths.

Frostweave Cloth

All WOTLK instances (Heroic and normal)

Frostweave Farming locations

Embersilk Cloth

Embersilk Farming locations

Did I miss your favourite farming spot? Let me know! :)

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Anonymous said...

You are recommending an addon that skips over greys or can automatically delete them? I probably made 10k+ over the life of my playtime from vendoring every single grey I came across. Some of them sell for more then a few gold also. If you need an addon that will just sell greys when u get to a vendor you could look at Selljunk, scrap or many others but please don't delete those grey items!

Kuja said...

High level grey weapons especially are indeed valuable, but when clearing Ragefire Chasm for example, your bags are full of greys and other poop worth a few copper max and you'll be encountering "inventory is full" message more than you'd like.

I guess I should clean that part a bit up. Thanks for the comment!

Fex said...

Get yourself a Travelers Tundra mammoth and walk to the instance, when you port out, mount up, and vendor the crap. If you're carrying full embersilk bags you can easily loot everything if you bundle up the cloth.

And farming cloth on a non tailor really doesn't make much sence to begin with.

Kuja said...

Mammoth just for vendoring crap when doing the occasional farming doesn't sound like a good deal imo! :) None of my characters have it. It's not that I can't afford it but it doesn't offer anything I need or can't get elsewhere.

Tailoring perk only works when farming Frostweave and Embersilk imo. Personally I like to farm instances a with a tank class. Can pull so much more than a clothie. Haven't tried tailoring on a plate user yet, could be useful when farming though!

Mogram said...

Kuja, you absolutely, positively should invest in a Tundra's mammoth for your main toon. It's incredibly invaluable and over the life of your toon's adventures, it will pay for itself many times over.

With the recent upcoming changes to shared mounts in MoP (with the tundra mammoth going account wide), there's absolutely no reason at all to splurge the 20k (or less with rep & guild perks) and purchase one of these TODAY.

In the above situation where you can pull all of ramps basically from the entrance, it's literally a 10 second effort to exit, vendor all greys and be back in quicker than you can blink.


Waukeen said...

You missed the quest mobs in Tol Barad, for the quest: Finish the job. Combined with the treasure finding potion, and a tailor these low health mobs drop a great deal of embersilk cloth. I can easily get 600 cloth in 1 hour. And by the time I've done 1 complete circuit of the small area they've nearly already re-spawned completely.

Also as an instance farmer I cant tell you enough how awesome it is to be able to pop out a repair and vendor npc with NO CD on it. I have to agree that having the Tundra Mammoth is a worthy purchase. I no longer have to hearth out to vendor my grey loot or bop items. It saves me a great deal of time that I can use to farm for more gold. In my humble opinion it has more than paid for itself, especially with mounts going account wide. Now ALL 8 of my toons who all instance farm will have a free portable vendor. And that Kuja, in my book is made of win!