Monday, January 30, 2012

Farming Crusader Enchant - WoW Gold Guide

When Cataclysm arrived, Crusader enchant formula was removed from all mob's drops and the item's price skyrocketed. A short while ago Crusader enchant formula was reintroduced to the game and it again drops from the Scarlet Archmagi in Tyr's Hand, Eastern Plaguelands. But not from Spellbinders this time, or at least I haven't seen them drop yet.

Drop location for Crusader Formula
Since 4.1 I've already sold 3 formulas for a total of about 18k. Seems like no one else on my realm has noticed this - yet!

Like always, dont forget to list only one formula at a time. If someone sees you selling multiple rare formulas, they seem less rare and you will lose gold when they decide to google about it!

Edit: This method was posted months ago. Not sure why it's suddenly listed as a new method. Still, it's working!

Let the farming start!
Mobs to farm: Scarlet Archmage
Drop location: Eastern Plaguelands
Item to look for: Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader
Drop chance: 0.5-1%
AH price: Up to 10k

Warning: If you have liberated Tyr's Hand in the questline, you can't farm here. So use a toon that has not quested here instead!

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NIOCENESSES.. ty for the info... need one of them for myself, not sure if i will farm for more, but... yeah... nioce


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got mine, thanks