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Making Boatloads of Gold from TBC Trade Goods: Part 1

If you haven't noticed, most TBC trade goods prices are even more expensive than their Cataclysm equivalents, making them extremely good for gold making. It's often wise to farm the reagents yourself, because some Primals cost even 200g each, like Air and Water. But if the reagents sell for more than what the product itself does, assuming you are not the only one selling it, it's often a better idea to sell the reagents instead.

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Alchemy and Primal Might
Requires Alchemy (350)

The recipe is almost as valuable as the Primal Might itself, but at least its easily obtained so you can learn it yourself and also grab a few that you will resell. It's sold by 3 vendors, click here to see which one is closest to you.

Primal Earth
Best place to farm: Auction House

Primal Water
Best place to farm: Terokkar Forest

Primal Air
Best place to farm: Shadowmoon Valley

Primal Fire
Best place to farm: Hellfire Peninsula

Primal Mana
Best place to farm: Blade's Edge Mountains

Farming Vs. Auction House

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Some of the Primals are very cheap and should be bought from the AH, like Earth, Fire and Mana usually. See for yourself which one is profitable to buy instead of farm on your realm.

Motes of Water can also be fished from Pure Water pools in Throne of the Elements, Nagrand.

Remember that Throne of the Elements is a good choice for killing too, if you don't mind waiting for respawns.

Engineers can also farm motes by hunting Gas Clouds around Outland. Different clouds give different motes, like Zangarmarsh is for Water and Netherstorm for Mana. You need a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor to extract motes from the clouds.

Making use of the Transmutation Specialization
Alchemists can choose from three specializations: Elixir, Potion or Transmutation specialization. When a xmute alchemist creates Primal Mights, a proc might happen, giving them even 5 extra Primal Mights when crafting.

This might given you even 5k additional gold per proc if Mights sell for 1k on your realm. Average price I've seen is around 300-700g. Usually no one is selling these so I can choose any price I want!
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