Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I made 90,000g from one kill - Extreme gold making guide!

When it comes to mobs by their value, in my opinion the most valuable monster to kill would be the rare seahorse Poseidus in Vashj'ir. Since 4.1 he drops the underwater mount, one random world epic, a profession recipe and pure gold.

The best part is they are all BOE! That means lots of gold for you, should you be lucky enough to bump into him. I've seen the mount go for about 50-90k, and depending on the epic you can get even 30k. The random profession recipe may also be valuable, but usually it's just a green jewelcrafting recipe worth no more than a few hundred max. Personally I've found Poseidus only once and the loot was worth about 90k for me.

His respawn time is currently unknown, and first spawn was seen no sooner than 72 hours after server maintenance, so relying entirely on this method to make gold may be a bad idea. It's wise to park an alt near it's spawn points and check them out from time to time.

Poseidus Spawn Locations

Poseidus spawn point

Poseidus spawn locations

Poseidus loot

And if you haven't been hunting rare monsters before, check out some of the other rare monster hunt methods. There's lots of useful info on how to make sure you won't miss a rare when you run into one.

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Shamaenei said...

Time to get farming then! Thanks for the tip!

Achieve said...

gonna have to look up that mount... maybe its cool enought to spend 50K...

Faid said...

If someone can post a screenshot of his loot when they kill him I'd apprecaite it, I've heard nothing before of him dropping recipes or epics, only the mount and gold, so I'd really like some confirmation on that.

Bangkok Bill said...

Nice tip and congrats on your kill!