Sunday, May 1, 2011

Children's Week is here! - WoW Gold Guide

I hope you have prepared for it! I posted some tips for the event a while ago and so far the estimates are holding their places, at least on a few smaller realms where less people have anticipated the rising demand for the items.

My main realm is a high population server so more people have prepared for this than I'd like, making the vendor item prices a lot lower, but still very much profitable. There's however no supply of eggs so I can freely decide their prices until I get competition.

The event has been going on for only a couple of hours and I've already made about 4000g, mainly from small eggs and mageroyals. Though I've dominated both markets for a while already so there's almost no competition - yet!

Check the supply of the items listed here and start farming while the prices are high!

Northern Eggs seem to be the lowest in supply. I've found Goretalon Rocs to be the fastest source for farming them. Lots of birds, very fast respawn time. As a 85 mage one shotting everything I couldn't kill them fast enough to get to wait for respawns! Took about 10 minutes farming to get 2 stacks of eggs.
Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


Matthew Williams said...

My fiance and I spent a few hours on Saturday farming the small eggs and northern eggs and already had over 100 cupcakes baked and out of the oven (plus several stacks of the vender items). It will be enough to make some decent gold, but not a killing... next year we'll plan a bit further out and have a few tabs filled with the farmabile items...

On a further good note though, we took two of our high level toons through Gnomeranion 3 times and picked up Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling schematics for her engineer... ;-) Already sold 1 each of them for 400g+ total.

Kuja said...

Yes, pets from Gnomeregan are a nice money maker because you're often the only one selling them :)

There's also other craftable pets that almost no one is selling. I should make a dedicated "craftable pet" post at some point.

asasdadad said...

Man, thank you i did 26k with childrens week :)