Saturday, May 7, 2011

10k exp and 30-100g every 7 minutes AFK - WoW Gold Guide

While on my way to Blackrock Depths to buy a vendor sold limited supply recipe, I bumped into a level 50 rare monster called The Behemoth in the Grinding Quarry, just outside the instance portal. Nothing special there, but when I was on my way out after a few minutes, it had respawned again!

This gave me an idea that would serve slackers well. If you are level 50 ish and bored of questing or pugging, just bring the toon near the Behemoth's spawn point and AFK away until it spawns.

One kill yields:
10k exp (if rested and equipped with looms and guild perks)
Vilerend Slicer (or Large Brilliant Shard if you disenchant it)
More crap :<

The weapon it drops is BOE and can gain you about 100-200g, but it sells super slowly. Large Brilliant Shards on the otherhand sell fast and currently one is worth about 35g on my main realm.

The Behemoth has only one spawn point from my experience and it can be seen in the video below. From my experience the spawn timer is about 6-8 minutes.


Spawn Point

If you can't seem to find the place, Faid from Nerf Faids made a very helpful video that shows how to get to the place and the spawn point is also more visible, unlike in the blogger's small resolution video.

You can view it here:

You should also check the blog if you want to prepare for the upcoming patch! As always, preparation = Lots of gold! :)

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Faid said...

I made a post about this last month with a more in-depth video and guide for new players to it's spawn point. Here.

Kuja said...

That video is very useful, Faid! Lots of people struggle finding the place. Hope you don't mind if I include a link to the video :) Way better than what I have currently!

Faid said...

Definitely you're welcome to keep the link up there, he can be a pain to find, especially now that people just random into dungeons and probably don't know where BRD even is. xD