Monday, April 18, 2011

Making gold selling enchant weapon glows - WoW Gold Guide

There's some low level weapon enchants that are very cheap to make, yet give a nice chunk of gold when sold as a scroll, especially for low level players.

Usually you can find the Formula: Enchant Weapon - Minor (or lesser) Beastslayer for sale for as little as 2g. You then can resell it for even 150g as a formula, or you can learn it yourself and make some scrolls. I've sold Minor Beastslayer scrolls for about 50-100g and Lessers for 100-200g, while they cost about 4-7g to make usually. They sell relatively fast because they offer a nice, unique red glow and bank chars/RPrs often don't get to choose which enchants to pick because there's never any low level weapon enchant scrolls for sale, at least on the realms I play on, except maybe Fiery Weapons.

If you want to give them something to choose from, I recommend Crusader, Demonslaying, Fiery Weapon, Unholy, Greater Striking, Lifestealing and Icy Chill enchants.

I'm fairly sure you will be the only one selling them so you get to pick your prices. Say, 500g per glow! You can even advertise your weapon glows in the trade chat!

Level 1 Enchants:

Beastslayers = Red
Lesser Elemental Slayer = Red
Crusader = White
Fiery = Fiery!
Unholy = Greenish rotating skulls
Greater Striking = Blue
Icy Chill = Chilling white
Lifestealing = Purple
Agility = Green
Mighty Spirit/Intellect = Yellow

Leave a comment if I have forgotten any enchants.

Here's some useful macros for enchanters!

/2 Does your bank alt's stick look like it's missing something? Get some colors! Level 1 Weapon Glow Enchants now available! Colors available: <list em here> Only 300g per color!

/2 Do you like to roleplay? Want to look more badass than others? Weapon colors are here! Many to choose from, such as: <colors> No level requirements! Only 300g per glow!

You may have to shorten them or put each into more than one macro if it goes over the character limit. I don't need to use macros myself so haven't tested em.

Though there are some enchants that are worth more than that, like Crusader scrolls, so you should have higher prices for certain glows. You may also try your luck selling item level 35+ TBC enchants.
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Bangkok Bill said...

Great post Kuja. I've been selling these enchants for a nice little profit for ages now but I've never tried barking in /2. I'll have to give that a go to see if it gets them even more interest.

Kuja said...

Thanks. Barking in /2 should raise the sales nicely. Many don't even know what colors certain enchants offer!

thefriendlybotter said...

Excellent list. I'll have to check which ones my main currently has then set up a profile to bot the others.

Want info on what a botter is going to do come 4.1? Check it out Here.