Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming Rare Monster Guide

This is a small update letting you know that I'm currently working on a rare monster "leveling" guide that focuses on hunting rare monsters and other treasures to gain you both exp and loads of gold, for all levels starting from 1 all the way to 85.

Been testing it for some levels now and it beats the hell out of regular questing in my opinion, and leaves lots of spare time for other activities! Extremely useful for alt-oholics.

This means it takes almost all of what free time I have left so there will be less updates to this blog (as you may have noticed) until it's finished.

I will try to have some spare time for hunting new gold making tricks too from time to time, so I won't abandon this blog for the whole time :)

If you are interested in it, how would you like to read it? As a blog similar to this or a downloadable regular guide? Or perhaps an ingame addon?
Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


Zathanos Synn`Malache said...

I'd say that an in game addon would be easiest to use, but probably hardest to create. Second to that, a PDF guide would best. If you plan to make money from it (sounds like you are investing a good deal of your time into creating it) then I would suggest a password protected website since a password protected PDF would just have the password stripped quickly and the info recirculated.

I'm really interested in this, so please keep us posted! I'd be happy to lend a hand with any info you may need to gather together too.

Bangkok Bill said...

I love the idea. I've always wanted to hunt down the rares just for the fun of it if for nothing else.

I'd say blog, addon, and guide are all fine. Only thing that is a must have IMHO is maps showing where to find the rares.

Kuja said...

Yarp. Besides instructions it will also have maps of every zone with all rare monster spawn points/patrol paths easily visible and not a single treasure chest will be ignored either. It will also include the fastest routes to visit each point.

It will be similar to NPCscan but it will be level specific and include EK and Kalimdor rares aswell, strategies to beat them (if any), abilities used, loot types, spawn timers, tamable or not and loads of pictures.

It's like combined Cartographer+Routes+NPCscan and re-configured for maximum exp/h if everything works out.

Hunting all rares and treasures down is consuming though so let's see how fast I can finish it!

Kuja said...

And regarding whether it's a paid guide or a free one. I'm planning to keep it free, though it's looking to be way more massive than I expected!

I need some testers for it at some point, so if you want to test it out before it's released, leave a comment on this post so I can contact you when the time comes. :)

And thanks for the offer Zatha, I appreciate it.