Monday, April 4, 2011

How to make easy gold with blacksmithing - WoW Gold Guide

Enchanting rods are easy, profitable and fast to make, yet there always seem to be some rods missing from AH, often leaving the prices for you to decide. If you have blacksmithing and your Auction House doesn't have certain rods, why not make some fast gold?

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There's exceptions too though. For example, AH almost always has 10+ Golden Rods for sale with low prices, so better to sell some other rods instead!

Or if you feel crazy, you could buy those cheap rods and list them back for 100g each, and also buy the AH out of materials to make them, so the previous blacksmiths cannot make any more - without leaving the town and abandoning the thought in most cases!

There is no need for me to list their prices as you should only sell rods that no one else is selling, and you will be the one deciding their prices. I've seen Fel Iron Rod go for 10g when there's many people selling them and even 600g if no one else is selling it. So as you can see, you can make a lot more gold tomorrow than today in some cases!

Currently there's no Fel Iron rods, Arcanite rods, Copper rods or Adamantite rods for sale on my realm, letting me to put a heavy price tag on each of them and hope for a buyer!

Enchanting Rods

Copper Rod
Sold by vendor: All enchanting suppliers

Silver Rod
Reagents: 1x Silver Bar, 2x Rough Grinding Stone

Golden Rod
Reagents: 1x Gold Bar, 2x Coarse Grinding Stone

Truesilver Rod
Reagents: 1x Truesilver Bar, 1x Heavy Grinding Stone

Arcanite Rod
Reagents: 3x Arcanite Bar, 1x Dense Grinding Stone

Fel Iron Rod
Reagents: 6x Fel Iron Bar

Adamantite Rod
Reagents: 10x Adamantite Bar

Eternium Rod
Reagents: 4x Eternium Bar

Titanium Rod
Reagents: 1x Titanium Bar, 2x Saronite Bar

Elementium Rod
Reagents: 15x Elementium Bar


10g-1000g. Sell wisely, wait until supply is low!
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Anonymous said...

Reading this post makes me sad. Rods were big business back in the day...

Anonymous said...

Reading this post makes me sad, rods were big business back in the day...