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Making gold in the Neutral Auction House - WoW Gold Guide

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Neutral auction house is a gold mine, especially for low level players if you sell the right items there. I will now let you know how I turned 0 copper into thousands of gold on my fresh level 1 toon after a deadly trip to Booty Bay. All I had to do was invest some gold that I obtained from selling copper first.

The Not-So-Noob-Friendly

If you created an Alliance toon, your race does not matter. All Alliance races have nice looking faction restricted pets available near their starting zones. Moths in Exodar, Kittens in Stormwind and Elwynn, Bunnies in Dun Morogh and Owls in Darnassus.

If you're Horde, blood elf would be my choice because of the Dragonhawk pets. There are other pets too, like snakes in Orgrimmar or Prairie Dogs in Thunder Bluff but I've noticed they don't sell as good as Dragonhawks.

If you haven't figured it out yet, faction restricted pets are a lot more valuable in the neutral auction house where the opposing faction can also see your auctions. They have no other means of obtaining the above pets, except if they have an alliance/horde toon also.

Pets cost money, but not much. Even 3 gold coins should be enough to get your business started, and that can be obtained easily from a multiple of sources. But the fastest one would be to pick a gathering profession. Mining is good.

Copper bars are needed by Engineers, Jewelcrafters and Blacksmiths to level their profession. Copper ore on the otherhand may sell almost as fast. Miners need them to powerlevel mining without running around and Jewelcrafters need them to prospect gems out of them. So copper will sell faster than peaceblooms for example.

Spending 20 minutes running around the starting zone looking for copper veins should be enough to net you a copper stack or two, which you then sell in the Auction House. If you time your auction good, you can gain even 40 gold from one stack. If theres lots of other sellers, you will get a lot less, but still enough to proceed into the next level.

Depending on which race you chose, look for a nearby vendor found on the map here. You may also wander around the different starting zones and buy one pet of each type to make you even more gold.

If you dont like wandering around and possibly getting yourself killed, create more different races, send them some gold, buy more pets with them and mail the other pets to your first toon.

Once you have the pets, you have choices. Either its a long swim from Westfall to Booty Bay in Straglethorn Vale as Alliance or a boat ride from Ratchet as a Horde. Not sure where Booty Bay is? Use the map for that too!

If you have extra gold to spare, you may want to ask in /2 (trade chat) for a summon there. Either a Warlock or any player from a high level guild can summon you there with the appropriate spell. In this case there are other places you might get summoned to too (Besides getting yourself tricked and summoned into a high level elite area Q_Q) such as Everlook in Winterspring or Gadgetzan in Tanaris.

Now all you have to do is find an auctioneer and depending on which pets you bought, everything is worth 300-5000g here! But do not expect them to sell instantly. Not many have thousands to spend on pets! The lower the price, the faster it will sell. It may very well take a week to get that 5000g for your White Kitten.

Are you patient? Good. You do not get rich if you are inpatient!

Are you inpatient? Lower your prices!

Once you have made more gold, put some pets into your faction's auction house aswell!

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