Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Four ways to make gold - WoW Gold Guide

Since Crusader weapon enchant no longer exists as a drop, I haven't seen anyone selling the enchant as a scroll anymore for some reason and even more unlikely would be to see someone sell the formula instead. This gives a great opportunity for enchanters that have learned the formula at some point.

Righteous Orbs that are needed for the enchant still drop from Stratholme.

This forces people to buy different enchants for their Bloodied Arcanite Reapers, Hooo! For example, I've noticed people are willing to spend a lot more coin on my Fiery Weapon scrolls since Cataclysm.

This gives us a few ways to make extra gold:

1. Sell the Crusader enchant as scrolls. I always keep about 2 scrolls for sale, ranging between 1700-2200g and they will go usually within 4 days. I could probably ask even more.

2. If you can find a Crusader enchant formula gathering dust in your bank, you have a limited opportunity to make about 15000g by selling it as a formula, possibly even more considering how much gold it can make in the long run and that it is no longer available in the game - For now. But the buyer doesn't need to know that! ;) 

3. Sell Fiery Weapon scrolls. Usually there's 1 more person selling the scrolls, undercutting you. But these scrolls are hot and they will be sold usually within 24 hours so undercutting the undercutters is pointless. I usually ask 149-299g for each scroll, depending on certain factors, such as competition and the price of small radiant shards.

4. Don't have enchanting? Go farm the Fiery Weapon formula instead! It drops from Pyromancer Loregrain in Blackrock Depths, usually once every 3 runs. No one bothers farming it anymore so you can decide the price tag yourself usually. I've seen people pay even 1000g for it! 300g is the average price though.

Another enchant worth a mention is Lifestealing, can get about 500g from the formula. The material costs are insane on my realm and people seem to be selling it a lot more than Fiery scrolls.

Multiple GMs have confirmed that the Crusader formula will be added back to the game in a later patch, so their prices will drop dramatically at some point. Better to be fast!

Oh and I can't add shiny screenshots to this post since the realms are down, so here's a bunny with a pancake on her head!

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Achieve said...

HARRR!!!!!! No screenshots so here is a bunny with a pankake on her head... what a finish...

Toodle-oo... yeah cruader is gone... OHH, its coming back? hrmm... cool that...



Kuja said...

It indeed is! Patch 4.1 or 4.2 most likely brings Crusader back. Bunnies ftw!