Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Farming "epic" greenies for fun and lots of gold! - WoW Gold Guide

Cataclysm greenies are still selling surpisingly well, so everytime you disenchant or vendor a level <-80 greenie, Deathwing kills a squirrel. A level 77 greenie with lots of useful different stats may sell for even 400g! Though personally I list all level 77-80 greenies for 250g ish, sells faster too. And theres new alts looking for "epic" gear every day!

If you want to farm these valuable items and you're skilled, level capped pet class or a tank, your best bet would be to solo farm Cata starter instances, like Blackrock Caverns. Elites have a higher chance of dropping useful equipment. However, there is no real level requirement for this method, as long as you can kill some Cata monsters.

All monsters have a low chance of dropping greenies, so it's up to you to choose where to farm. The lower level the zone, the lower level items you will find there. So, I'd suggest either of the Cataclysm starting zones.

If you have any level 80-84 toons, it's a good way to combine farming gold and leveling by grinding, or just do your regular questing but do NOT disenchant the loot. Even "of the whale" will get you at least 100g, if you're patient!

Personally I farm in Deepholm. The mobs are a bit higher level and will often drop level 80-> items which sell for a bit less, but the occasional level <- 80 items are pure gold.

Don't forget to drink a Potion of Treasure Finding before killing any monsters!

Alternatively, you can check AH if people are selling these greenies for less than 100g. Usually people don't know how valuable they are and list them for less than 40g. Since when do epic quality items go for that low prices? :o
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Achieve said...

I love the mentality in the post... Pure goblin wisdom... Its a thing to go level a toon and grind out the levels... Its a goblin thing to consider that leveling the toon is an opportunity cost... One more toon is one more profession, one more JC daily, one more Alchy xmute.. or whatever.. and personnally.. I enjoy it... Just bought the blue level 78 to equip staff for my hunter.. ilvl 308. Berto's staff??? i think and then Slapped 130 Agility on it... BWAHHHHHH... lol, why, because ITS FUN!! and I spent hours of the leveling process grinding rep, and grinding mobs (throne of elements for primal water and air, and out in Silithus for Essence of Air, and Hillsbrad for spiders silk...) its just the way i level... its an oportunity cost... i was 525 enchanting at level 75 and expanding my market the same day as i had already stockpiled hundreds and hundreds of essences and dusts... So, whats a 60 gold staff, and 100gold enchant... when he sells dozens and dozens of scrolls that range from 5 to the hundreds of gold each... (I usually have to restock velums at the rate of 100 or more on most days) Go to my blog and check the post on how I do it if you care to.