Saturday, April 23, 2011

100g in 60 seconds! - WoW Gold Guide

I normally don't list minor gold making methods, but I think this deserves a mention because it requires almost no time at all to perform so it can be combined with other gold making tactics.

This is mainly for low level characters who can use all the gold they can get, but if you don't have epic flying, running around your city will take more than 60 seconds. Let's say 255 seconds! And the selling part will take even longer, but at least you have items worth 100g, or more depending on how many stacks you buy!

The trick is to make use of the lazy or clueless players again by reselling common trade goods, like Crystal Vials. There aren't many who do this so AH is often empty and you can even get a few gold pieces each if a rich or the average nub is in need of the said item.

Usually vendor sold trade goods costs no more than a few copper or silver so it's a nice, almost passive income if a low level player has some for sale 24/7. A good example is Crystal Vials. 20 costs 3s, and I've sold these in the AH for even 40g a stack!

Note that this is not something you should expect to make you rich. Most people know these can be bought from vendors for less, but still, everyday someone will buy some from the AH instead because they either CBA or have no clue how to google the item name and check where it comes from.

List of vendor sold items that are in great demand

Blacksmithing Supplies
- Coal 
- Weak Flux
- Mining Pick
- Blacksmith Hammer

Inscription Supplies
- Vanishing Powder
- Dust of Disappearance
- Parchments

Enchanting Supplies
 - Enchanting Vellum
 - Copper Rod 

Cooking Supplies
- Mild Spices
- Simple Flour
Alchemist Supplies
- Crystal Vial

Leatherworking Supplies
- Skinning Knife

Engineering Supplies
- Engineer's Ink

There's plenty more but these are the fast sellers from my experience, besides a few exceptions, like Engineer's Ink. If you know some other easy to obtain and resellable goodies, leave a comment :)


You will be undercutted often so you will change your prices almost daily, but if no one else is selling the items, feel free to test your limits and try even 50g a stack. If it doesn't sell, lower the price.
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Achieve said...

how I do this sort of thing similarly... buy 12 of the item and mail it to banker...

Set up ZA in 1-10G groups or in some cases like these... 10-50 Silver or something... one group with many vendor itmes and such, now just log, and cancel post, go to mail box to restock... each mail has 12 each of the item...

depending on how many items you are playing with, well that will determine how many and what size bags to play with..