Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preparing for patch 4.1 - Huge opportunity incoming!

Patch 4.1 will make some rare spawns in Cataclysm zones more worthwhile to kill. This will be an opportunity you should not miss! For example, all rare elites will now drop BOE epics instead of BOE rares which should sell for 10k easily each, if you're lucky enough to win one!

But the main rare monster  you should note is Poseidus, which will drop an epic underwater mount (Reins of Poseidus) that binds when used! That means you can sell it to other players. Expect to get even 30,000 gold for it, assuming Poseidus stays as rare as it is currently. He can be soloed easily, as he's only level 81 non-elite.

The day before the patch goes live, you should park your toon where Poseidus spawns and start camping it right away once it goes live! To see it's spawn points, click on the name!

Other rare elites that will drop BOE epics:
- Mobus
- Garr
- Xariona
- Julak-Doom

Do note that 4.1 is still in PTR and it's highly likely that the reins will become BOP before 4.1 hits live realms!

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