Friday, February 4, 2011

Over 3000g in less than 10 minutes

Since Outland is basically deserted now due to the portal removals, you can abuse it's contents and specifically it's vendor's limited quantity goods. This however is not recommended to be done multiple times in a day as you will be selling recipes in the auction house. One run in a week is enough usually, depending on how fast your items sell. There are lots of different vendors, but I will list the ones that have made me the best profit first. Note that realm population affects prices!

I will create a video later on that shows the rest of the vendors aswell, almost doubling your profit!

Click on a name to see a vendor's location and other info.


Skreah <Alchemy Supplies>


Recipe: Primal Might - AH value: 300g

Madame Ruby <Enchanting Supplies>

Formula: Enchant Shield - Major Stamina - AH value: 60g
Formula: Large Prismatic Shard - AH value: 150g
Formula: Runed Eternium Rod - AH value: 100g
Formula: Superior Mana Oil - AH value: 25g
Formula: Superior Wizard Oil - AH value: 50g

Aaron Hollman <Blacksmithing Supplies>

Plans: Adamantite Maul - AH value: 40g
Plans: Adamantite Rod - AH value: 80g
Plans: Adamantite Dagger - AH value: 40g
Plans: Adamantite Rapier - AH value: 40g
Plans: Adamantite Cleaver - AH value: 40g

 Viggz Shinesparked <Engineering Supplies>

Schematic: Adamantite Rifle - AH value: 40g
Schematic: Fused Wiring - AH value: 80g
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts - AH value: 7g
White Smoke Flare - AH value: 1g

Wind Trader Lathrai

Schematic: Fel Iron Toolbox - AH value: 20g
Schematic: White Smoke Flare - AH value: 130g

Blade's Edge Mountains

Daga Ramba <Potions> (Horde)
Alliance relative: Haalrun <Alchemy Supplies>

Recipe: Major Dreamless Sleep Potion - AH value: 120g
Recipe: Elixir of Major Defense - AH value: 130g
Recipe: Super Mana Potion - AH value: 200g


Qiff <Engineering Supplies>

Adamantite Frame - AH value: 30g
Fel Iron Casing
- AH value: 30g
Felsteel Stabilizer
- AH value: 120g (Rare)
Green Smoke Flare
- AH value: 1g
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts - AH value: 7g
Khorium Power Core
- AH value: 600g (Rare)
White Smoke Flare
- AH value: 1g


Dealer Rashaad <Exotic Creatures>


Parrot Cage (Senegal) - AH value: 50g
Cat Carrier (Siamese) - AH value: 90g
Cocroach - AH value: 30g
Crimson Snake - AH value: 20g
Brown Rabbit Crate - AH value: 130g
Red Moth Egg - AH value: 150g
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling - AH value: 100g
Mana Wyrmling - Ah value: 150g

Dealer Najeeb <Spare Parts>

Adamantite Frame - AH value: 30g
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts - AH value: 7g
Hardened Adamantite Tube - AH value: 100g
Motes - AH value 1-10g

Grand totals:

Time spent: 7 minutes
Gold spent: Less than 200g
Gold made (Assuming everything is available and no one is undercutting): 3355g
Time it takes to sell everything: 3-7 days

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