Monday, February 7, 2011

Making gold with Inscription

Someone asked how scribes can make gold. To the best of my knowledge there's 2 ways: Fortune Cards and Darkmoon Cards.

Fortune Cards

Requires: Inscription 450
Materials: 1x Blackfallow Ink, 1x Resilient Parchment
Personal gold making record: 80k in 3 hours

If you're unfamiliar with these, they are created by scribes and when used, they will turn into a card worth a few silver coins or even 5000g if you're lucky. Fortune Cards were a popular gold making technique during the first weeks after Cataclysm. Now it's too widely known, at least on bigger realms, for any scribe to make lots of gold from it. Some of the smaller realms don't have any of these for sale, so there's still profit to be made there.

One Fortune Card costs about 10g to make on most realms. However, if you're the only one selling these cards, you can even ask 400g for one card, giving you 390g profit per card in this case.

Whatever you do, do not open them. There's no gold to be made then. There's profit only if you get buyers addicted to them.

If you're gonna sell these, most don't even know what they are if they happen to stumble upon them in the auction house, so you have to advertise your cards first. Here's an example of a macro.

/2 Feeling lucky? Mysterious Fortune Cards now for sale! Every card will turn into 10s-5000g! Visit your local auction house before someone else does!

Darkmoon Cards of Destruction

Requires: Inscription 525
Materials: 10x Inferno Ink, 30x Volatile Life, 1x Resilient Parchment

This is even more well known, but it doesn't make it any less effective either. Every new level 85 drools at these, so they are bound to make lots of gold, especially if you get useful cards. Most profit are made if you get to complete a set, creating a Darkmoon Deck, and even more if you turn it into a trinket.

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Unknown said...

Mysterious Fortune Cards are still doing well on many servers. Even saturated servers can still be very profitable, if you know how to battle your competition.

Like you said though, if there is no one selling them and barking, then it's like printing money and collecting it from the mailbox.