Monday, February 14, 2011

Make gold from Darkmoon Faire - WoW Gold Guide

When Darkmoon arrives next time, you have a new opportunity to profit from it by utilizing Blacksmithing profession. A npc in the camp offers you the Rituals of Strength quest that needs 8 Dense Grinding Stones.

Upon turn-in, you will receive 20 tickets which you can spend on 3 different Darkmoon Prizes, containers that will give random items.

1. Buy all cheap Dense Stones you can find in the Auction House

2. Turn them into Dense Grinding Stones. Requires 250 Blacksmithing

3. Visit Darkmoon Faire when it arrives and turn in all your Dense Grinding Stones

Now you have to decide what prizes to spend your tickets on. Every prize can hold valuable items, especially profession recipes. Some of them are worth even 15,000 gold if they are hard to obtain, like the Plans: Radiant Belt Most of them don't contain anything valuable at all however, so it's a risk, but a cheap risk!

Minor Darkmoon Prize

Contains level <-20 items.

Lesser Darkmoon Prize

Contains level <-45 items

Greater Darkmoon Prize

Contains level <- 55 items

Remember, if you obtain a recipe and you don't know how valuable it is, ask me. It's not wise to list something for 50g when it might be worth 10,000g instead!

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Anonymous said...

How much do each of these sell for on average for you?
Plans: Radiant Breastplate
Pattern: Chimeric Vest
Design: Ruby Serpent
Plans: Dazzling Mithril Rapier

Kuja said...

Those items are garbage, f0fddf12. Doubt anyone will pay more than 20-100g for each, maybe even 200g for the Ruby Serpent design