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Insane profits from prospecting! Guide to jewelcrafting - WoW Gold Guide

Requirements: Jewelcrafting, Enchanting
Recommendation: Mining

Here's a quick jewelry crafting guide. This may be the most well known way to make gold with Jewelcrafting, but it doesn't make it any less effective. I will however add some tricks that I haven't seen others do yet that can even double your profit!

This works with almost all ores, but in this guide I will focus on Obsidium ore. You are going after green gems and Obsidium ore gives more of them than Elementium Ore.

1. Either mine some Obsidium ore or buy some from the Auction House
2. Prospect them
3. Click on the below image or read on

wow gold

Now you will have a bunch of different gems and are gonna turn them into rings and amulets. Here's what I've found to be the most worthwhile thing to do with them.

Equipment with "less useless" stats, such as of the Whale, of the Soldier, of the Invoker or any other item with less than 4 different stats on it:

Nightstone >> AH during proper JC daily <OR> Nightstone Choker >> Disenchant
Hessonite >> Hessonite Band >> Disenchant
Alicite >> Alicite Band >> Disenchant
Jasper >> Jasper Ring >> Disenchant

Equipment with useful stats, like of the Fireflash, of the Earthbreaker or any other item with 4 different stats on it. Includes rare BLUE items and GREEN uncommon items:

Nightstone >> AH during proper JC daily <OR> Nightstone Choker >> Auction House
Hessonite >> Hessonite Band >> Auction House
Alicite >> Alicite Band >> Auction House
Jasper >> Jasper Ring >> Auction House

Other gems:

Zephyrites >> AH during proper JC daily <OR> Solid Zephyrite >> Vendor
Carnelian >> Carnelian Spikes >> Disenchant
All blue gems >> Cut <OR> Auction house >> Auction House

When creating rare gems, focus on the most useful stats only. These are Strength, Agility and Intellect for example.


Surpisingly few Jewelcrafters are selling their rings and amulets, or then they just use so low prices they will go instantly. I've found out you can ask for even a few hundred gold from a single green quality ring with useful stats (4 different stats)  on it, unless people are undercutting you. At least on my realm it seems I'm the only one selling rings and necklaces with useful stats on them, so I can pretty much choose the price.

I generally list my useful green rings and necklaces for 200g and blue ones for 300g, and they are bought within 48 hours everytime. Just don't try it with useless rings, like of the Whale. ;)

Enchanting scrolls

You should also check if you can make enchants that will sell for more than the materials you obtained. Chest enchant for +15 stats sell very good for example.

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