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How to play the Auction House - WoW Gold Guide

Auction house can be very profitable if you have professions. I will now let you know how I've been making almost 10k every day just by playing for a few hours, combining some methods I've written already. No boring grinding/flying needed! I play on a high population realm, so lower pop realms might have different prices.

Other professions have money makers also, but lets talk about that in a later post

Tip: It's wise to hold pauses sometimes with certain items so you won't flood the auction house with high priced items. Others will notice the high prices too and will join!

The Route

1. I usually start with Enchanting.

Everytime I visit the auction house, theres LOTS of Abyss Crystals for sale, usually for less than 5g each. What most enchanters forget is that they can shatter the crystals into something more valuable! 

One Abyss Crystal shatters into up to 12 Infinite Dusts or 6 Cosmic Essences, which still sell for a lot more than 5g! The recipe is available from the enchant supplier npc in Dalaran.

2. After that I use my alt's Mining for gold making.

Saronite and Cobalt Bars are in high demand by engineers and blacksmiths. Most miners simply don't bother smelting their ores but put em up for sale as they are instead, usually for as little as 15g a stack.
Saronites and Cobalt bars will both go for up to 90g a stack. A sweet spot I've noticed is around 75g a stack if I want to make them sell faster. If I see someone selling Saronite or Cobalt bars for less than 50g, I buy those aswell and relist them. They will be bought, usually within 24 hours!

After that I check Khorium ore and bar prices. Khorium bars will easily go for up to 150g each, so if someone is selling some for less than that, it's instant profit for me. Well, not so instant since not many need them. But they are low in supply so people are willing to pay for them. They still go within 48 hours everytime if you continue monopolizing them.

Note that if you're not the only one who has noticed this, its not wise to buy the 100g bars.

3. Next up is Engineering

Since Khorium has silly prices for the moment because no one will simply not bother mining in outland, except when leveling their professions, also engineers will be able to cash in. Khorium Power Cores.
I've noticed a good price is around 500g, but if you have patience and all the Khoriums, they will go even for 1000g. It's wise to keep one or two of them in the AH at all times and you will probably be the only one doing so.

One Khorium Power Core needs 3x Khorium Bar and 1x Primal Fire, which often costs less than 50g to make.

4. After engineering comes my Tailor's turn

Runecloth will often go for as little as 3g a stack, while Greater Eternal Essences will be worth almost 50g each and Illusion Dust stacks go for even more. It's wise to buy all cheap Runecloth and make Runecloth Headbands.

After that I send the Runecloth Headbands to my enchanter and disenchant them.

You can also make goods from Mageweave cloth, such as Black Mageweave Headband that will sometimes disenchant into Greater Nether Essences and Large Radiant Shards, which also are low in supply.

5. Last, but not least is Jewelcrafting

This has been discussed in the guide before in greater detail and you should check the original post if you haven't yet. Simply put, buy different cheap ores from the auction house. Newest ores are the best bet, such as Obsidium and Elementium ore.

After that I prospect them and make amulets and rings from the gems. Here's a more precise list.
Blue gems -> Cut & Auction house
Volatile Earth -> Auction house
Zephyrite -> Cut & Vendor
Nightstone -> Vendor
Jasper -> Jasper Ring & Disenchant
Hessonite -> Hessonite Band & Disenchant
Carnelian -> Carnelian Spikes & Disenchant
Alicite -> Alicite Pendant & Disenchant

After that I check the supply of enchanting scrolls and choose whether to make use of the acquired dust and essences or sell them as they are. I usually like to keep some of the jewelry in the AH also.

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