Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Farming Embersilk - 2223 gold in a hour + millions of exp!

If you like farming, don't miss this one! Especially if you are level 82-84 so you get lots of exp too! This spot is meant for all classes with superior AOE abilities, like magi and boomkins for example, but others will benefit too.


The best place to farm Embersilk cloth
Embersilk cloth can sell very well and fast too (Currently selling for 70g a stack and sells almost instantly), so it's a good choice if you want to farm something. I tried this spot for 60 minutes and used a Potion of Treasure Finding, which gives you even more money when farming. All prices are suggested average prices by Auctioneer.

I was using a toon with Tailoring so I can get the Cloth Scavenging perk.

You will also have multiple tanks tanking the troggs for you most of the time, so you take very little damage even if you're hitting 10 troggs at a time.

Deepholm - The Fractured Front (23, 58)

Mobs to grind: Troggs
Time spent: 60 minutes

Loot received:
339 Embersilk Cloth = 1186g
42 Volatiles = 536g
11 Greenies =  269g (Level <-80 sold, others DE'd)
22 Junk = 46g
18 Pyrite and Elementium ores = 140g (After smelting)
166g from coin drops
Millions of EXP!

Money spent on Potion of Treasure Finding: -120g

Total: 2223g

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willslip said...

well I spent an hour doing what you said, and did not get anywhere near these values!
something has changed?

Kyuuby - Warsong

Kuja said...


This method was posted during February and Embersilk cloth was way more rare back then. Nowadays it sells for even 30g/stack on bad days.

Not to mention Volatiles...

Still, It's the best embersilk farming spot I've found! I just killed 700 troggs and each have a decent chance of dropping a tiny treasure chest, so it's still a goood gold maker aswell.