Super Valuable Garrison Missions - Part 1 - WoW Gold Guide

Garrison missions are well known for providing some quick gold, without having to do anything yourself. Most of these require followers with Treasure Hunter perks to bring a ton of gold home, but not this one. Be well well prepared, though, as it's not the easiest mission!

garrison gold making missions wow
Garrison Gold Making
Some missions are a Gold Mine!

How to farm Felblight - 6000g in 15 minutes - WoW Gold Guide

WoW Patch 6.2 brought us a new valuable item, the  Felblight. It's used to upgrade equipment, just like  Savage Blood. It can be farmed a lot easier though and sells for a decent amount of gold in the auction house. What is the most efficient way to farm Felblight?

where to farm felblight wow 6.2
Felblight Farming
Time to level up alts!

Herbalism gold making - 400 gold in 13 minutes - WoW Gold Guide

Time for some herbalism gold making tips! Most people would choose a zone from the current expansion to make fast sales, and some herbs are even worth it. However, not being able to fly slows things down dramatically. Why not instead choose a zone where flying is allowed?

herbalism gold making in wod
Herbs can be sold as they are for some fast gold, or can be turned into potions for even more profit!

Auction House Gold Making - Celestial Essences

Sometimes it's worth it to visit the Auction House and check the prices of items that can be converted into something else, like many enchanting materials. Especially if you are feeling lazy, as this involves no farming at all. Just a ton of clicking!
how to play the auction house wow wod
Time to play the Auction House!

Kuja's Gold Mine Update

Greetings to all my gold loving friends! ♥

You may have noticed the recent lack of updates on the site, which I apologize for. I'm not dead, but WoW has just not been nearly as interesting this expansion, so I have kept my distance from it.

Despite no major changes made to the game in patch 6.2 that would make me interested (Like adding flying), I hope it will grab my interest again, so I can keep this blog updated as well. Perhaps start yet another alt on a brand new realm and go into the newest secrets of low level gold making if nothing else!

However, almost all of the 300+ gold making tips should still be working. And older methods are often even better than new ones, so you can still pick any method here and resume gold making!

New ways to get gold tips!
In the meanwhile I have improved the gold making experience for everyone! There is now an option to subscribe to Kuja's Gold Mine Newsletter on the right sidebar, which I will use to post volatile gold making tips that would become useless in weeks if posted here for tens of thousands to see. There is no schedule on the newsletters, and are used purely to discuss gold making.

It's not 100% required to join the list, as I will still continue posting gold tips here like usually, when I resume.

Facebook will also be used more extensively, so make sure to hit the like button! Especially many giveaways for TCG loot cards or other gaming products will be Facebook exclusive, and you will automatically get details on them on your timeline, so you can be the first to participate!

Good day to everyone! ツ

cute owl
 And here's a cute owl, because why not.

Garrison Gold Making - WoW Gold Guide

Back to making gold, and this time in your very own Garrison! Many of us are at the limit of 10000 Garrison Resources and are wondering what to do with them. Many level 3 buildings are useless, so there's no point in wasting resources on upgrading some of them, like those that only increase work order limit. There is a lot more profitable way to use them!