Garrison Gold Making - WoW Gold Guide

Back to making gold, and this time in your very own Garrison! Many of us are at the limit of 10000 Garrison Resources and are wondering what to do with them. Many level 3 buildings are useless, so there's no point in wasting resources on upgrading some of them, like those that only increase work order limit. There is a lot more profitable way to use them!

Loot Hunters - Solo Farming Firelands - WoW Gold Guide

Let's continue soloing Cataclysm 25 player raids to find out which are the best ones to clear every week for a nice bit of extra gold. Next up is Firelands, home of Ragnaros. This instance is massive, so it will take considerably longer than The Bastion of Twilight which was discussed previously. However, big instances means lots of trash, and lots of trash means lots of gold!

Update: Added Firelands 25 HC Solo Gold Amounts to the post!

firelands solo wow gold
Solo Farming Firelands 25
How much wow gold can you make by soloing the instance fully?

WOD Blacksmithing & Leatherworking Gold Guide

Now when many of you are level 100 and geared up, it's time to start making tons of gold in Draenor and beyond! Let's talk a few professions first. People that have Tannery and Forge may have noticed they have tons of leather and ingots sitting around without any clear way to put it into use. Particularly this one is extremely lucrative during the first few months, and has already made me over 200k gold just from a few minutes of work. But as time passes, it will lose it's effect. So act fast!

wod professions gold guide
Blacksmithing and Leatherworking Gold Guide
How to make gold with BS and LW in Warlords of Draenor

Loot Hunters - Solo Farming The Bastion of Twilight 25 - WoW Gold Guide

Many older raids become very easy to solo at level 100 with any class or spec, especially with the recent buff to soloing older content. We haven't yet solo farmed any Cataclysm raids, but now when level cap has raised, it gives us a good reason to pay a visit to these. Let's start with Bastion of Twilight in 25 player mode where loot is more abundant.

the bastion of twilight wow gold guide
The Bastion of Twilight Solo Farming
How much wow gold can you make by soloing the instance in 25 player mode?